OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARebalance Equine Sport Therapy is devoted to creating complete wellness for your horse.  My mobile service comes to you at your home or stable where your animals are most relaxed, providing a unique, non invasive alternative care that is complementary to the professional care they already receive.  Various assessment techniques allow me to provide safe and effective treatment by targeting specific structural or nutritional imbalances, often preventing future health problems.

As part of my focus on the whole horse I am trained in saddle fitting and work with you and your horse to be sure your equipment is appropriate for the job and allows proper movement and weight distribution.

Rebalance Equine Sport Therapy also offers basic body work clinics teaching assessment and treatment techniques.  They are designed to give owners, riders and trainers simple tools to optimize their horses’ performance and better understand their needs.  A Saddle Fitting clinic is also available.  Both clinics include manuals and hands on instruction.  To book a class in your area please contact me.

Please enjoy my site, I look forward to hearing from you!